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About Us

We trust you are faring well, as that is our sincere wish for you.
We are a soap and hair care products manufacturing company based in Reading, Berkshire. From our little workshop all our products are handcrafted from scratch with love and thoughtfulness delivered into your various bathrooms.
Our History 

Our journey began a few years back after we discovered that nothing seemed to really for my skin, I decided to research some products on the market, as a result I found that some commercially made products were not what they promised to be, I became very uncomfortable and concerned about what I apply on my skin and consume internllin. So, I decided to start making my own soap and body cream in 2008, when I was at the university, using only natural and organic ingredients. I found this to be the way to go if I truly wanted to use the right products on my skin. Too many products out there on the store shelves have a lot of troubling artificial man-made ingredients/chemicals, that one begins to wonder what they honestly are. I also noticed that many products claiming to solve skin problems only do for a short period or do not work at all resulting in a wheel, creating more skin issues, hence making consumers buy more.  In 2017, I decided to offer these products to the public using only organic and natural ingredients you and I will recognise and connect with. This decision resulted in lengthy studies, research to understand the chemistry behind soap making and the right natural and organic ingredients to use in making each soap, simply because no one should offer product they do not understand its chemistry. In long short no chemically, enhanced product can beat any product made using natural or organic ingredients mixed with a good portion of love.
Our product

All our soap (skincare products) are handmade and carefully prepared in small batches using only the purest and finest natural ingredients. The slow methods of production used for the soap makes it cure into perfect soap within 4-6 weeks. We use two different preparation methods, which are cold-process and hot process methods. Our soaps are rich in lather, mild, moisturising and nourishing to the skin. We cater for both adults and kids and for all skin types from dry to sensitive skin.  
To emphasis again that our soaps are handcrafted from scratch using the purest and natural ingredients. Our essential oils are the purest, purchased in large quantities from reputable suppliers in the country, which include Mother Nature Goodies, while some of the ingredients used for our products are made from scratch in our workshop for example our turmeric powder, naturally infused oils and a few others.
Our business thrive to be sustainable by using biodegrade packaging to make the world tiny bit better and products are vegetarian friendly, ethical, and all our raw ingredients are cruelty-Free, gluten Free, no paraben preservatives and our products are not tested on animal but willing humans, hence non toxic. 
In some cases, we use Melt and Pour soap base, which are basically natural or organic and SLS FREE: from artificial synthetic surfactants (foaming ingredients), such as SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) or SLES. This method is different from cold process and hot process, it is the use of pre-manufactured solid soap base ready to use immediately because it has already gone through saponification stages. 

We hope that you will find our products as rich and satisfying as we have made it to be. 
Thank you for stopping by, we sincerely wish you the very best.
From all of us at Tokxy Soapworks